Plenary sessions and keynote speakers


Prof. Dr. Mark van Loosdrecht
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Microbial exopolymers: Characterisation and potential for resource recovery
Prof.dr. Adisa Azapagic
University of Manchester, UK
Clean and healthy planet: Understanding the full implications of the circular economy
Philippe Mengal
Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking
Funding for bio-based industries in Europe: past, present & future




Theme: Environmental Biotechnology:
Prof.Dr. Korneel Rabaey
University of Ghent, Belgium
Electrifying biotechnology – recent advances in bioproduction and bioremediation
Theme: Water and wastewater cycles in the context of circular (bio)economy:
Prof.dr. Giorgio Mannina
University of Palermo, Italy
Advances in water resource recovery from wastewater treatment: the EU project Wider-Uptake
Theme: Waste management in the context of circular (bio)economy
Assoc.Prof.dr. Paola Fabbri
University of Bologna, Italy
Towards a real circular plastic economy: the different options to reconnect growth and sustainability for the plastic sector
Theme: Novel materials for environmental and energy applications
Prof.Dr. Frank Nüesch
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), Switzerland
Rising stars among solar cell materials
Theme: Sustainability assessment & eco-innovation
Dr. Giovanni De Santi
Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
Sustainability at the heart of the European Green Deal
Theme: Monitoring and modelling of environmental pollution
Prof. Dr. Jacob de Boer
Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands
Halogenated contaminants – a persistent problem