Assoc.Prof.dr. Silvia Fiore

Assoc.Prof.dr. Paola Fabbri

University of Bologna, Italy

Key note lecture:  Towards a real circular plastic economy: the different options to reconnect growth and sustainability for the plastic sector

Dr. Paola Fabbri holds a PhD in Materials Engineering, and currently is Associate Professor of Materials Science and Technology at the University of Bologna in Italy (UNIBO). She holds a solid background in polymer chemistry and plastics processing, development of tailored plastic formulations targeted to specific industrial applications, polymer characterizations and recycling technologies.

During the last 12 years she almost exclusively dedicated research to bio-based biodegradable plastics. PHA science and technology was primary developed thanks to strict collaboration with the private sector and biotech companies operating in the field. She was responsible for the Task 3 “Top-emerging bio-based products” of the BIOSPRI Tender Study on Support to R&I in the field of Bio-based Products and Services, recently completed (2019) for EC DG RTD.

She represents UNIBO at the European Bioplastics Association. She is member of The Independent Bio-based Expert Group on the bio-based economy, which consists of experts from several European Countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands and UK) working in associations, companies and academia, supporting policy and actions to stimulate the bio-based economy. She is involved on many national and international funded research projects and leads the research group of Polymers and Biopolymers Science and Technology at the DICAM Department at UNIBO. She is author of more than 85 original research papers published in international peer-reviewed journals mainly on polymeric materials science and technology, and biomaterials for medical applications. She authored four books and filed 3 patents.