Acad. Prof.dr., dr.h.c. Gheorghe Duca

Acad., Prof.dr.dr.h.c. Gheorghe Duca

Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Key Note Lecture: Redox indicator in the management of the water quality

Gheorghe Duca was in 1952 in the Republic of Moldova. He is a Professor and Habilitate  Doctor of chemical sciences, the founder of the scientific school of Ecological Chemistry in Moldova. 
The main areas of his scientific interests are: chemical kinetics and catalysis, coordination compounds with partial charge transfer in reduction-oxidation processes, ecological chemistry, transformations in the environment, environmental engineering and management, ecological education, etc.
Acad. Gh.Duca is the author of more than 70 monographs and manuals, 133 patents, more than 1800 research papers on physical, environmental and technological chemistry. Under his scientific supervision, 26 Ph.D. theses and 4 Habilitate Doctor theses have been successfully elaborated and defended.
Since 1992, Prof.Duca has been a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of  Moldova. In 2000, he became a full member of the Academy and in 2004 he has been  elected as the President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, being reelected in 2014. Since his first election, as President of the Academy, Acad. Duca has promoted and enabled reforms in science and innovation. Under his supervision, key documents were drafted and implemented: the Code on Science and Innovation, Law on Scientific-Technological Parks and Innovation Incubators, the National Strategy for Research and Development of Moldova until 2020.
Acad. Duca promoted and signed, on behalf of the Government of Moldova, the Memorandum of Understanding between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova on the Association of Moldova to the FP 7 (EC) for research, technological development and demonstration activities, he has also initiated and promoted the participation of the Moldova scientific community in the EU FP for Research and Innovation – Horizon 2020.